Guy Kawasaki gives a great lesson on Twitter

Thanks to Mariano, I had an interview with Guy Kawasaki, one of the most important world leaders in terms of marketing, in which he talks about how he uses Twitter to sell himself, promote himself, get more followers and choose your tweets.

How can you follow so many people?

I don't read the timeline of the people I follow, just the @s, Directs and tweets that contain « guykawasaki » and « alltop ». I don't read everything from everyone I follow, but I respond to almost every @ and direct message.

So why are you following everyone?

I follow everyone for two reasons: first, courtesy; Second, anyone can send me a direct message. I like direct messages because they are much more effective than emails.

Why do you use @GuyKawasaki and @GuysReplies?

I created @Guysreplies to echo the @ that my followers don't need to see. For example, when people tweet « @guykawasaki I love Reality Check », I don't want to upset everyone with a « thanks » response. Also, some people attack me publicly to get more followers. Since @GuysReplies has fewer followers, this technique won't work and I can still « hang » with the losers.

Why do you repeat your tweets?

I repeat some of my tweets because I assume not all of my followers read me 24/7/365. It's the same reason why ESPN and CNN repeat the same stories all day long (no updates, just the same report).

What Twitter apps do you use?

I'm not constantly looking for the latest Twitter apps. I now use TweetDeck on my Macintosh and TweetFlip and Tweetie on my iPhone.

My ghosts and I use Objective Marketer to post tweets with links. This site allows you to create marketing campaigns with outlines, frames and following tweets.

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Finally, I use TwitterHawk to thank people who share Alltop pages with their followers. This site allows you to enable search strings and automatically send tweets.

How much time do you spend on Twitter daily?

Asking me that is like asking Tiger Woods how much time he spends playing golf.  » That's what I do « . If I'm on the computer, I'm on Twitter. And I'm on the computer eight hours a day. When I'm not at the computer, I use TweetFlip or Tweetie to favorite tweets and view them later with TweetDeck.

I use ghostwriters because I want to provide as many interesting links as possible.

Do you use ghostwriters?

Yes, four people contribute to my tweets. Annie Colbert, Gina Ruiz, Noelle Chun and Neenz Feleafine. This is why you see the initials “AC”, “GR”, “NC” and “LF” at the end of some tweets. If it's not the initials, then it's me or the flow automations.

I use ghostwriters because I want to provide as many interesting links as possible, and five smart people looking for interesting things are better than one. Incidentally, I measure the quality of my links (and this is what matters most to me) by the number of people who generate retweets.

How do you and your ghosts find so many connections?

We mainly use Alltop to help find good stories. We mainly analyze Most-Popular.alltop, Tweetmeme.alltop, Science.alltop, Psychology.alltop, SmartBrief.alltop and Oddities.alltop. Additionally, I also have three RSS feeds that automatically post to my account via Twitterfeed: Toxel, Truemors, and How Stuff Works.

Isn’t publishing feeds automatically “cheating”?

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The goal is to have interesting tweets to retweet, which indirectly allows more people to follow me. Whatever works, I'll do it. The editors at Toxel, Truemors and How Stuff Works are very good. Why shouldn't I « cheat »?

Do your ghostwriters also respond to DMs and @s?

No, they only tweet interesting links. They never respond as if I do.

How can I see tweets only from you and not your ghosts?

You are making a big mistake because they publish very interesting things. But try this quest.

Why are so many people attacking you?

Most of the time they are angry, little « SEO experts » who can't generate content, so they try to generate controversy to gain traffic to their blogs or get other angry people to follow them .

Why do you constantly promote Alltop?

For me, Twitter is a marketing tool. That's why I spent so much time, energy and money on it (my ghosts don't work for free). Alltop advertising justifies and pays for my tweets.

What if I don't want to see the promotions?

You can UFM (unfollow me).

A few days ago, Eduardo perfectly explained what to do to get retweets: write or link to interesting things. As you may have noticed, that's exactly what Guy Kawasaki does. So now you know what to do if you want to increase your number of followers: links and cool stuff 😉

By the way, I translated most of the interview, just skipped two questions that made no sense and were completely aimed at people who tend to attack you or don't want to see advertising on your website.

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