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Guilty Gear – Strive: the character of Jack-O ‘arrives

Guilty Gear – Strive: the character of Jack-O ‘arrives

Bandai Namco, producer of the game Guilty Gear Strive, announces the arrival of a new character. This is Jack-O ‘, a bounty hunter, who is visible in the new video game trailer. Here are also the first screenshots from the gameplay of the new DLC.

Jack-O ‘will accompany Sol Badguy in the universe of Guilty Gear – Strive

With an announcement that arrived just today, Bandai Namco makes it known that the universe of Guilty Gear – Strive is expanding with the introduction of a new character. It’s about the bounty hunter Jack-O ‘which accompanies in the gameplay Sol Badguy in the numerous adventures foreseen by the videogame universe. The new DLC is available immediately for users with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. Here are the first screenshots of the new update.

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Getting access to the update is very simple. In fact, those who have already purchased the Season Pass 1 of the title on PC, the DLC is already included. On the contrary, it will be necessary to purchase it separately on Steam or on the various PlayStation stores. In short, nothing too different from the last update a few months ago. In fact, in July, the release of Goldlewis Dickinson’s character took place in the same way. The update comes accompanied by an exclusive trailer, posted on the developer’s YouTube channel.

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