Guide to experiencing (and surviving) the World Cup on the Internet


  • 1. Create your own sports magazine
  • 2. Follow multiple players on Twitter
  • 3. …and also follows several analysts
  • 4. Watch the World Cup on TV on the Internet
  • 5. Play online
  • 6. Get informed!

Like it or not, this year's event is the Football World Cup. Over the next month, the eyes of the planet will bow down in the stages of South Africa. Yes Germany 2006 has given us a taste of the potential of the Internet during a World Cup, no one doubts that the 2010 edition will be the first fully interactive. Just like in Twitter They are already welcoming football fans, other places are starting to prepare for the prom party. With this in mind, he left you a guide on how to enjoy the Internet during the World Cup.

1. Create your own sports magazine

Eating is a service that allows you to generate a sort of specialized portal with your RSS feeds from GoogleReader. As simple as arming yourself with sources, preparing your own channel and importing it into Feedly. There! You have your sports magazine. Do you need suggestions? I recommend special offers from ESPN Deportes, El País, Marca, CNN México, La Información, among others.

2. Follow multiple players on Twitter

Do you want to see the World Cup from the perspective of its protagonists? A good way is to follow Tweeterra players who will have participation in South Africa. Although some teams prohibit their members from uploading information to the social network, it is still rewarding to follow the World Cup from inside the locker room. Recommendations ? For Brazil they are Kaká, or Luis Fabiano; For Spain, Iker Casillas, Carles Puyol, Cesc Fábregas, Sergio Ramos, Andrés Iniesta or Fernando Torres. We also have the Chilean striker Humberto Suazo, the Uruguayan striker Diego Forlán, and the Mexicans Cuauhtémoc Blanco and Luis Michel.

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3. …and also follows several analysts

Sports journalists are also on the attack Twitter. Many are just out of the box, others have been in the Twittersphere for a long time. In order not to saturate your timeline, I recommend that you make a list with your favorites so as not to lose any details of the World Cup. My favorite? Well, I recommend Fernando Palomo, Ciro Procuna, Áxel Torres, Henry Winter, Juan Pablo Varsky, Santiago Cañizares, John Sutcliffe or Daniel Arcucci.

4. Watch the World Cup on TV on the Internet

Unfortunately for many fans, many World Cup matches will be on cable only. However, there are sites where you can watch the World Cup from your computer. Or? There is the official website of FIFA; but there are also other options like Justin TV (you can even download the app for your iPod/iPhone), or Direct red.

5. Play online

The number of video games in the World Cup is overwhelming. From the famous 2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa, to many other options, the gaming environment is ready to enjoy. Get cheered for a game on Xbox Live. More tactical? There are also plenty of online options for building your fantasy football team, like the one offered by Mediotiempo. You can also create a pool with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. The goal is to have fun.

6. Get informed!

THE World Cup in South Africa It's not just limited to kicking a ball. It is a social, political and economic phenomenon. You may not be a football fan, but that shouldn't stop you from learning about other aspects, from reading the history of World Cups In Wikipedia (to start), to explore different sites. For example, did you know that Iraq claimed to have saved the world Cup of an Al-Qaeda attack? Or what Discovery channel prepared a series of four documentaries on science, football, game strategy or stadium engineering? Did you know that the controversy Arizona law could mean that WE miss the 2018 venue? There is no need to close, but to enjoy a month when the world will breathe football!

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