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Gta v will have 7 discs and will weigh 65 GB

Gta v will have 7 discs and will weigh 65 GB

The long-awaited edition of Gta v for Pc It is already around the corner, so the players of said platform are preparing to receive the new installment of the Rockstar franchise. Given the proximity of the launch, some images have been leaked that reveal that the physical edition of the title will contain nothing more and nothing less than seven disks, occupying a whopping 65GB. Something that is really striking, considering that Grand Theft Auto IV only contained two discs at the time of its launch.

Another issue on which the boys from Rockstar This is why the PC editions tend to arrive later than the corresponding ones on consoles. «It’s all due to our ability to “ bandwidth´ », he highlighted John MacPherson, in an interview with GameSpot. “We want each version of the game to be the best it can be, and that sometimes means that Key members of the original GTA V team, for example, must work closely with the best PC developers in all of Rockstar Studios.«.

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Remember that Grand Theft Auto V for Pc Will be available next April 14th. What do you think of this edition with seven discs?

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