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GTA V Preload for PC arrives

GTA V Preload for PC arrives

It is already a fact, there are no more delays, GTA V Pre-loading will begin for users who have reserved it from next April 7. Although the game will be officially released on April 10, it will be from Tuesday when those who have already obtained a digital copy of the title of Rockstar when they can start downloading the game. Of course, this only means downloading the data, while the game will be blocked until the next day 10.

The company ensures that it will keep us informed of possible changes in terms of dates or conditions of GTA V. For all those who have made the reservation in other distributors, Rockstar ask that we contact them directly to find out if we will be able to download the game early.

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The preload will be effective for those who have obtained the GTA V title through their store or through Steam. Much has been speculated on the size of the download of GTA V, but it seems that the 44GB it has occupied in the versions of PS4 and Xbox One will be far exceeded. In contrast to these, the PC version of Rockstar’s tremendous sandbox will need around 65GB of free space on our hard drive to install it.

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