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GTA V Online: How To Make Money Fast

GTA V Online: How To Make Money Fast

Anyone who has played GTA V Online will know that money is as important as in life itself, so in immobilize we have decided to create a guide for you to become the richest and most wanted men (by the police I am afraid) of the Saints.

Five steps to get money fast in GTA V Online

1- Sale of vehicles in Los Santos Customs

This is perhaps one of the most effective methods to win large amounts of money in a short time, especially when you start playing. We just have to steal a vehicle and go to any of the Los Santos Customs workshops to sell it, the money we get will depend on the vehicle and its condition, so we should repair it before selling it. Here is a list of the most profitable vehicles and their prices:

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1. Lampadati Felon GT – $ 9,500

2. Outstanding Sentinel – $ 9,500

3. Lampadati Felon – $ 9,000

4. Gallivanter Baller – $ 9,000

5. Obey Rocoto – $ 8,500

6. Canis Mesa – $ 8,500

7. Overpowering Oracle – $ 8,000

8. Ocelot F620 – $ 8,000

9. Benefactor Schwartzer – $ 8,000

10. Benefactor Dubsta – $ 7,000

11. Albany Cavalcade – $ 7,000

12. Overpowering Zion Convertible – $ 6,500

13. Benefactor Schafter – $ 6,500

14. Superior Power to Zion – $ 6,200

15. Overpowering Sentinel XS – $ 6,000

16. Ocelot Jackal – $ 6,000

17. Benefactor Serrano – $ 6,000

There are more vehicles that can be sold apart from these, but considering that you can only sell one vehicle every 48 minutes, it is recommended that you only sell the ones on this list to obtain great benefits.

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2- Stealing from stores

This is the best known method and one of the fastest at the same time. As the title says, this method consists of entering one of the 18 stores scattered around the GTA V Online map, and once inside point a weapon at the seller, once we do this we will have to wait for him to fill the bag with money, during this time a citizen may attack us so we must be alert. We can talk on the micro during the robbery so that the salesman can fill the bag faster, or shoot at a nearby point to intimidate him.

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The only drawback of this method is that after the robbery the police will chase us with two stars, and if we carry out several robberies in a short time the stars will increase and it will be more difficult to get rid of the stupidity.

3- Carry out missions and participate in multiplayer games

From time to time we will receive missions from our contacts, such as Lamar, although at the beginning we earn little money, at high levels the missions will have a greater reward, so if you have a friend who is of a high level ask him to invite you to one of their missions and you can get a bigger slice. You can also win a good wad of money in deathmatches and races.

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4- Bounty hunter

Another way to earn money is by becoming a bounty hunter, for this we will have to eliminate the players who have a price on their head. An alert message will appear when we are in a game with a player for which a reward has been offered. I do not recommend this procedure to new players, since they will have weak weapons and little protection, and the player we are trying to eliminate is most likely defending himself.

5- Be a good player … or not

If you are a good player, you will be rewarded with money from time to time, it’s that simple. This entails not taking actions that increase our mental state.

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But on the other hand, we can become people hated by the gaming community and end the life of every player who passes in front of us, then we will only have to collect the money that they release when they die, which will cause our mental state to increase and that They probably put a price on our head.

Nor do I recommend it to new players … well, players in general.

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