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GTA V on Oculus Rift

GTA V on Oculus Rift

With the recent release of GTA V on PC came user-created mods. One very interesting one is to enjoy the immersive first-person perspective game that the virtual reality headset provides. This mod was created in a rudimentary way in Oculus Rift and at the end of this note we present you the videos.

It is worth mentioning that the mod is totally foreign to Rockstar Games, but the fans took advantage of the latest version of VorpX, the software to make games compatible with the virtual reality device and thus create this novel experience in GTA V.

The results of the mod are not entirely satisfactory, as the game is not really optimized for the perspective of virtual reality and the functions in Oculus Rift are basic, so for some players using this mod can be uncomfortable.

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After its launch on Tuesday, April 14, GTA V became the most played Steam game, with more than 300,000 people connected simultaneously.

The PC version of GTA V is on everyone’s lips, thanks to the arrival of many mods. And this type of video makes us understand why. A YouTubeur designated Falandorn just put online a video showing GTA V in the first person, and more or less consistent with the DK2 version of the Oculus Rift.

Using VorpX, the famous program that makes games compatible with the Oculus Rift, gives us an exciting insight into the virtual reality experience. This is far from complete, as head movements are currently carried out with the mouse, but it makes you wonder about future possibilities.

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