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GTA V: Oculus Rift and Virtuix Omni do magic

GTA V: Oculus Rift and Virtuix Omni do magic

Imagine joining GTA V, Oculus Rift and The Virtuix Omni. This is what happens.

GTA V was released on PC this week and modders are already taking advantage of the compatible version, which has even come to work with virtual reality and now takes another step with the invention of video. Now we go one step further and we are not only satisfied with being able to take the point of view of the protagonist in question, but also in taking the same steps. With the peripheral Virtuix Omni we can feel in the boots of Trevor, Meaely Franklin in the most literal sense, as you can see in this demonstration for which the game of Rockstar.

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At video from Virtuix Omni a user can be seen advancing first at a normal pace and then at a good pace through the streets of The Saints until entering a supermarket and then the shots are unleashed. You can see first-hand in the following clip what the Virtuix Omni could become brought to games in conjunction with Oculus Rift, something for which GTA V is already advised that it is not ready, and even so it does not seem to get too bad with it.

This is not the first time that we have seen the platform in operation, but it is used for a video game of a commercial nature as massive as the saga of Rockstar games. You can see other uses with games like Counter Strike.
The technology is priced at 499 euros and was launched on the commercial circuit in North America at the end of last year. It is compatible with your computer, but it does not have official support for many games, so it is still a luxury product.

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