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Green pass obligation in the company from 15 October, an app is coming

Green pass obligation in the company from 15 October, an app is coming

As decided by the decree approved last September 16, and as we have anticipated in another article, from Friday 15 October the green pass will be compulsory in the workplace.

Thus we enter the so-called phase 3, which in fact extends the need to have the green certificate to almost all the adult population that is not exempt for health reasons.

Exactly as it was for the school year just started, one of the big problems to be solved regarding the obligation of green pass for workers is that of controls.

And just as it happened with the principals, an app is being developed which would allow asynchronous control of the tax codes of a company’s employees.

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The functionality, developed by Sogei, is currently being examined by the Privacy Guarantor.

Let’s find out more about this application, starting from the controversy triggered by the thorny issue of green certification controls in the workplace.

Green pass obligation in the workplace: who controls?

The problem had been raised by business associations, from Confcommercio to Confartigianato.

Who have lobbied for a useful tool to show the expiration of green passes in advance, so as to reduce employee checks. This request, however, is linked to the delicate subject of privacy. Because the September decree refers to another precedent, dated June 17, where it was established that the employer cannot keep the data of the worker’s green pass, not even the expiration date.

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This would inevitably lead to the need for a daily green certification check, an operation that would steal an incalculable amount of time.

Green pass obligation: here is the app

From the leaked news the solution would be ready. Which would have the features of aapp developed by Sogei, a company that operates in ICT 100% controlled by the Ministry of the Economy.

The platform, now being examined by the Guarantor, would be an evolution of the one already in use, Verification C-19. And it would be used for a staggering number of workers, estimated to be over 15 million.

The details on the app would be contained in a draft decree of the Prime Minister that could be approved between Friday 9 and Saturday 10 October.

Privacy node still to be dissolved

We remind you that the decree-law on the green pass has not yet been converted into law. This means that it can be subject to amendments.

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There remains the problem already mentioned. The employer cannot keep the employee’s data, because in this way he would understand if the same has been vaccinated or not.

The upcoming app would solve the bugbear of daily green pass control. This because the platform would make it possible to verify green certificates through the health card system, managed by the State General Accounting Office. Each card is linked to a tax code which contains an alphanumeric code. Code which, on the one hand, protects the worker, making his data anonymous, and on the other hand allows companies to avoid the daily verification of the possession or not of the certificate by employees.

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Operation in asynchronous mode

According to the draft, the app has an open source license that “allows you to integrate the verification functions of the Green Certification into access control systems by reading the QrCode”.

Specifically, asynchronous certificate checks will be possible, or even when the employee has already taken up service, by “interrogating” his tax code. This operation would protect from the formation of exhausting queues, and above all from conspicuous slowdowns in the pace of work (and productivity).

Random checks and the green pass also for smart working

A few days after the start of the obligation of the green pass for workers, the news follows one another and overlaps.

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Two seem to us of particular relevance. And they come from the guidelines of the ministries of public function and health, on the modalities of return in the presence of state employees and on the control of the green pass.

The control of certificates, which is the responsibility of each individual administration, “can be carried out daily and preferably when the facility is accessed” or “on a sample basisnot less than 20% of the staff present in service and with a rotation criterion, or even a carpet, with or without the aid of automatic systems “.

Furthermore, to avoid remote work being a sort of refuge for the unvaccinated, “the worker is not permitted to remain in the facility, even for other purposes, or for the same to be used for agile work in substitution of the service that cannot be performed in presence. It is not allowed in any way, as it eludes the aforementioned obligation (that of the green pass, ed), to identify the workers to be assigned to agile work on the basis of the lack of possession of this certification “.