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Graphic mod for Watch Dogs

Graphic mod for Watch Dogs

Enjoy this mod for Watch dogs in which we can notably increase the graphic section for a better enjoyment.

Live Watch Dogs as it really is

When Ubisoft showed us for the first time Watch dogs at E3 2012 we were all left with our mouths open as to how the title looked, undoubtedly a masterpiece in the graphic section. But as the months went by, the title had a small graphic downturn and the final result was not like the one shown on the day of its presentation.

We leave you the moment of the E3 2012 conference so you can see what was shown that day:

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After the launch, many users were pleased by the graphical downturn that the Watch dogs, so a user named TheWorse He shares a mod created by himself in which we will increase the shaders, increase the drawing distance, lighting, detail of the textures among other characteristics.

For all those who have a good team and want to be able to enjoy Watch Dogs with a good improvement, we leave you the link to the author’s blog.

we hope that Ubisoft You have learned your lesson and do not do the same to us with the expected The Division.

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