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GoPro Hero9 Black is finally here

GoPro Hero9 Black is finally here

GoPro Hero9 Black is the new adventure-ready camera, announced today in San Mateo, California. The new sensor delivers 5K video And 20 MP photographs. Stabilization also improves with HyperSmooth 3.0 and the long awaited front screen arrives. An all-round improvement, with a scalable price thanks to the GoPro subscription. The accessory is also on the way Mod per lens Max.

GoPro Hero9 Black: best all around

The new action cam the company offers all the usual GoPro advantages but improves a little in every field. In addition to refining the photographic quality with a sensor that snaps a 20 MP and shoot video up to 5K, stabilization improves with HyperSmooth version 3.0. There’s a new 1.4 ″ large color front display showing live preview and status modes. The rear display widens up to 2.27 in and supports it tactile zoom. The battery offers 30% more autonomy than the previous model, especially improving performance at low temperatures.

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In addition the new GoPro Hero9 Black has TimeWarp 3.0 with real or half speed as options. Super photo and possibility of timed night video in HDRin addition to advanced features such as HindSight, LiveBurst And Scheduled Acquisition. It turns out possible live streaming in 1080p as well as 1080p webcam mode. Also very interesting is the possibility of using the voice commands: 14 options in 11 languages ​​and 6 different accents can be activated. On the camera found 3 microphones that reduce wind noise, capable of collecting stereo and RAW audio.

In short, a complete package from a photographic and video point of view, combined with great resistance and allWaterproof up to 10 meters in water.

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Max Lens Mod for GoPro Hero9 Black

The new Max Lens Mod also arrives, bringing additional qualities to the GoPro Hero9 Black package. The unmatched stabilization of HyperSmooth Max coupled to SuperView Max allows you to acquire images ultra-wide angle with low distortion, reaching a maximum resolution of 2.7K60. The Mod even manages to keep horizon lock active even when the camera rotates 360 degrees. This option allows you to create special videos for social media and film production, letting you indulge yourself without decreasing the image quality. This Mod comes in October 2020 at € 99.99.

Mods compatible with Hero9 Black include theOptional multimedia unit (89.99 euros), equipped with a removable foam windscreen, the Mod for the screen (€ 79.99) and that for the lights (49.99 euros). They are available from today on GoPro.com.

Price, availability and subscription options

GoPro Hero9 Black is available from today to recommended price of 479.99 euros. By subscribing to a GoPro subscription at the time of purchase you will pay only € 379.98, saving 100 euros. The subscription costs 49.99 euros per year or € 5.49 per month and gives access to immediate right to replace camera, unlimited cloud storage, improved live streaming and discounts up to 50% on accessories and GoPro mounts. Even current subscribers can access the 100 euro discount for this new model.

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Besides this camera are available GoPro Max at € 529.99 (€ 429.98 with subscription). Hero8 Black for € 379.99 (€ 329.98 with subscription) e Hero7 Black for € 279.99.

You can purchase the GoPro product line for 2020 on the online store. By purchasing GoPro Hero9 Black you also have access to the contest Million Dollar Challenge, with the potential to win up to one million dollars. Go to this address to find out more.