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Google would be thinking of a transparency policy similar to Apple’s

Google would be thinking of a transparency policy similar to Apple’s

It is being the soap opera of the year, and the worst thing is that we have dragged it along since the end of last year: the transparency policy. A new policy that Apple will impose in the next iOS 14.5 and that will allow us to know at all times the use made by apps to collect our information, we will get to know it and decide what an app can track from us. There is controversy and it seems that it will go further since Google also appears to be thinking of enforcing a similar policy on Android. Keep reading that we give you all the details…

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Google wants to get wet in the matter, but it seems that it is going to do it in a more subtle way. They already announced last year that they would limit third-party cookies and according to the guys at Bloomberg they could make a similar gesture on Android. Similar to Apple but trying to please everyone. It is true that everything is sold with the fact that advertisers benefit us by sending us relevant ads for us with these cookies or tracking, but limits must be set… This is what the guys from Bloomberg have published:

To keep advertisers happy while improving privacy, discussions of Google’s Android fix indicate it could be similar to planned changes to the Chrome web browser. Google announced in 2020 that it intended to remove third-party cookies in Chrome within two years.. Google reaffirmed that plan earlier this year in 2021. Cookies are a way for websites to track users across the web to serve them more personalized ads.

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Google wants to classify its audience into interest groups, rather than individually as Apple suggests. Which model is better? Well, in the end, for an advertiser who has lived for years with this “everything can be traced” policy, no option is going to be good… What is clear is that we will all benefit, and in the end our privacy has to be controlled by us…