Google will buy one company per month this year

The big G continues unstoppable in its rise to reach virtually every corner and market. Recently, it has been surprising to get permission from the United States government to buy and sell energy, there are also quite a few American cities crazy about being chosen, which has led to some surprising events or even some of them changed their own name to that of the researcher.

The last Friday Google acquired episodea platform that allows you to download videos and have very advanced control over them, being able to analyze their statistics, insert advertising to monetize them, restrict access to some of them they upon prior payment and which, before purchase, was about to focus on mobile devices, already supports the browser of the iPhone and soon he will do it with the Android, blackberry Yes Symbian.

Ultimately, it's just a way to recruit talented developers into your ranks and benefit from an externally developed product without incurring additional cost. Unlike what happened with others, Google announced that it will integrate episode with Youtube and you will benefit from many of its features for the video portal.

We are in April and this is already the fifth purchase of those of mountain view so far this year. Although they have already indicated this previously, the company pointed out that they offer nothing more and nothing less than keep buying one more for each monthAt least during this year 2010.

On the one hand, it seems good to me that companies with a great future and the developers behind them get a chance and see that their efforts will serve many more people than if they were alone, as is the case with episode, which to be honest, is the first one that I, and probably many others, have heard in my life. But on the other hand, it scares me that these same ideas are invariably found in the networks of large companies, either Google, Manzana, microsoft or any other What do you think? Is this an opportunity or a step backward?

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