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  • Teardown of Google Trips v1.14

Google Trips is the Google application dedicated to planning Since travel. The service, launched in 2016 and officially arrived in Italy the following year, after an initial curiosity, not had been particularly impressive success. The scarcity of results could therefore have led Google to decide delete app and migrate its functions to other Big G platforms. Delle ropes found by performing the apk teardown from the last update seem to confirm this.

The background

Google Trips although it has been present on the Play Store for more than three years and can boast one average reviews of 4 starsit only counts a little more than 5 millions Since download. This could therefore have led the Mountain View giant to lean towards its arrangement. Some traces of this, however, could already be glimpsed. When Big G launched, the travel planning site, it omitted name the application, despite sharing same functionalities.

Teardown of Google Trips v1.14

THE demolish version code 1.14recently released on the Playstore, has in fact provided some elements which would prove Google's desire to close the app.
In fact, the following strings were found inside:

Although these lines are enough explicit, it is good to remember that this information is nothing more than speculations based on a few lines of code. Google could then decide to withdraw THE service only in certain parts of the world. It is also possible that the Mountain View house you change your mind decide to Maintain active The app come against those who prefer to have the information In local And not have to pass through A website.

GoDaddy follows Google and scales back its China operations

Considering also that not have been provided of Hourly for closing, it is permitted to expect soon one announcement from Google regarding the application.

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