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Google Store: 23% discounts for Google’s birthday

Google Store: 23% discounts for Google’s birthday

To celebrate his 23rd birthday, Google apply one discount from 20 to 23% to many products in its European stores. Truly unmissable offers. And it is not the only initiative launched by Google to celebrate the anniversary.

Google Store, 23% discount for the company’s birthday

Google created its corporation on September 4, 1998 but it has always been celebrates his birthday on September 27th. And in recent years it has also taken up the custom of offering interesting discounts during this anniversary, which vary depending on the market you are in.

Those living in the Asia-Pacific region may have found the offer more attractive, but also the riskiest. In fact, Google has offered those who live in Australia, Japan and Taiwan the opportunity to receive a discount on Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, by purchasing any product in the Google Store. A risk, given that we have not yet discovered the official price and features of the new Google-branded device. But on the other hand, it is a discount on one of the most anticipated devices of the year.

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In Europe, on the other hand, like last year, Google celebrates with a 24-hour window in which it discounts many devices. Except, if last year it was 22%, this year rises to 23% to celebrate one more year. Just enter the code BDAYSURPRISE23 to get discounts on Pixel 4a, Nest Audio and Chromecast. Be careful though, this offer varies based on the markets (we have not been able to apply it in Italy for the Pixel 4a, for example).

Instead, play it safe with the code GOOGLEBDAY, which offers a 20% discount. You can buy smartphones Pixel, the Nest Hubs (both the second generation and the Max). And then i Nest Dorbell, Wifi and Stadia Controllers, as well as true wireless headphones Pixel Buds A.

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You can access the Google Store from here.