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Google redesigns its image search engine

Google redesigns its image search engine

It seems to me that it has been officially the shortest rumor in history, this morning our colleagues from Bitelia commented how Google I would be testing a new redesigned and improved interface for image search. Just a few hours later, at a press event in mountain viewthe company has presented the profound facelift that they have done to its image search engine.

What is most striking at first glance is the new arrangement of the displayed elements, which are interspersed with each other, like a brick wall, saving space and showing more images per page. I still don’t know if I just liked this new model very much, because although it is true that more elements appear, I see everything perhaps too compact, too tight, I guess it will be a matter of trying it and getting used to the change.

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The change is already effective but it has to propagate through the servers and it is not yet available to everyone. In addition to the size, when we hover the mouse over the image it will be displayed larger and as you can see below, when clicking on an image to go to the page it comes from, the way in which the images are displayed has also changed , not in the classic box that appeared above and just below the page.

That is in terms of aesthetic redesign, which was missing. Google has also announced a new functionality of adwords in which advertisers will be able to accompany the ad with a contextualized image according to the user’s search, as until now has happened with text but applying it to images. This new type of ads will be integrated with the results of the search itself at the top. What do you think of the new redesign? Am I the only one who thinks it’s a bit overloaded now?