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Google Play Games updates and integrates the Android 12 Game Dashboard

Google Play Games updates and integrates the Android 12 Game Dashboard

The new update of Google Play Games it would directly integrate the Android 12 Game Dashboard. The necessary condition to take advantage of the update is that the Beta of the new operating system of the green robot is running on your device. We will explain in detail how to enable the new function later on.

The team of XDA – Developers he unearthed in the latest version of Google Play Games (v2021.07.28550) increased interaction with the Game Dashboard, which will now appear via an in-game pop-up menu. Specifically, you need to have the recent Android 12 Beta 4 installed.

It therefore greatly improves accessibility to the Game Dashboard, which is now much easier to reach. The new widget appears in the main section of the Game Dashboard appears next to the part of “YouTube Live”and returns an overview of the Google Play account, the Achievement achieved and progress in Global leaderboard.

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How to enable the Game Dashboard in the Android 12 Beta

It is then possible to have a more detailed view of your player profile by pressing and holding the icon. We remind you that to access the Game Dashboard you must follow the following procedure, taking into account that you are using the Android 12 Beta 4:

The panel with the “floating” controls will only appear when playing games compatible with the function. Obviously the main titles will be the first, in all likelihood, to be compatible with the new function, such as the acclaimed one Call of Duty: Mobile.

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In the future, considering how much smartphones are in fact the most popular gaming console in the world, it is reasonable to expect an increasingly widespread use of these functions dedicated to video games. The interfaces designed to be used during gaming sessions have existed for years, but are constantly improving and able to offer more and more functions.