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Google Pixel 6, the launch date is (finally) official

Google Pixel 6, the launch date is (finally) official

Google unveiled the date of the launch event for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro (and it was time): the appointment is therefore the October 19th at 7pm Italian time (the 10 local). After announcing the new Tensor chip now in August, we will finally be able to see him at work on the new smartphones designed by Mountain View.

Google Pixel 6: finally we have the official date of the launch event

The expectation for the new smartphones from Google is great, not only for lovers of the Android operating system. The new Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have aroused the interest of all technology lovers, especially for the new one Tensor processor built by Google. The SoC will give the smartphone the power it needs for take artificial intelligence to another level. Which means more beautiful and easier to shoot photos and videos, but also enhanced use of the Google Assistant.

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Furthermore, it appears that Google has decided to provide the new Pixel top-of-the-range cameras, competing for the first time with Apple and Samsung for the title of best smartphone, without price limits. And if the Pixel photographs were already great thanks to the software, the new sensors and the Tensor chip should raise the bar more than ever before.

In recent months, the rumors have been many (summarized in the article above), but so far Google has only shown the design with horizontal cameras on the back and talked about Tensor, without going into too much detail. But now we have an exact date for discover all the details that we do not yet know.

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The new devices will also be the first to have Android 12, the new version of the operating system that promises to improve the experience on every front. And they are not necessarily the only devices announced: Google could surprise us with gods new gadgets.

The wait is therefore very high but finally it has a time horizon. Appointment then for the Google Pixel event of October 19. We will update you with all the news, before and after the official announcement.