Google or Apple, who has better customer service?


  • Access contact information
  • The quality of telephone service
  • Resolution times
  • SAC as added value

One of the strong points that have characterized purchases from Apple has always been its customer service, we emphasize that we are going to talk about customer service and not technical service (SAT), Apple's technical service is rarely unmatched in any way . However, for various reasons, I found myself in the position of going to Apple and Google customer service at the same time, and the differences are remarkable. Google or Apple, who has better customer service? We compare it.

It should be noted that this article is based on my personal experience, many times. There will be, as in all cases, best and worst cases, but I will tell you in detail what that is.

Access contact information

In this case, both companies have an excellent contact service. At Apple we will quickly access from any of its help sections, in the case of the Google Store more of the same. In the case of Google, if we find errors during the purchase, we appreciate how they themselves indicate the possibility of receiving a support call, in the case of the Apple Store, more or less, we can request the assistance of an Apple technician who will guide us in our purchase.

The quality of telephone service

Both are based in Ireland, and despite the fact that they serve you in Spanish, we find differences, since Apple and Google can serve you by people who have learned the South American version of Spanish, which can make the conversation a little difficult, but it is of no consequence.

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Here we enter the first differentiation, when you contact Apple Spain by telephone, at the end of the conversation they automatically and quickly send you an email, in this you will receive contact information, the e -individual email from the person in charge of your case and a receipt that you contacted Apple. This does not happen in the case of Google, you will not receive any kind of proof of your conversation, therefore, your support request could easily be misplaced, and you will never receive support, you will have to contact again. The email may be a bit of a placebo, but receiving an email telling you that your request is being processed is reassuring.

Resolution times

In both cases, the credit card reimbursement terms are the classic 14 days, however, the resolution terms at Apple are much more scrupulous. Upon receipt of the email, they tell you that they will give you a response within 24/48 hours, something that has always happened in my case, even if it was to inform me of the matter. However, at Google SAC I found that the man who answered my phone promised to resolve my case and send me a promotional code for the Google Store in 24 hours, this happened last Friday , I received the code this morning (and it didn't work). In the same way, today I started calling the Google SAC again, after 10 minutes of call where the attention was exceptional, at 6:00 p.m. the technician told me that in order not to keep me waiting, he would recall with the resolution, We are still waiting.

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In the case of Apple the same thing happens, if they take time they decide program a call for the next day, but we emphasize the word hourly, the Apple technician will ask you what time is best for you to receive it.

SAC as added value

Often we buy a product from a certain place because of the added value of its customer service or technical support. In my case, most Apple products come from the Apple Store or places with reputable customer service like El Corte Inglés, for everything else I usually turn to Amazon, which has always had exceptional customer service.

It's because of it there is almost nothing to encourage you to go to the Google Store before alternatives like Amazon, El Corte Inglés or PC Components (to name just a few). Customer service, while easy to access, is not as efficient as one would expect from such a company.

This analysis it is based on my personal experience, treated as objectively as possible. The comment box is a good place to share your experience, tell us how you got on with Google and Apple's SAC and if you would recommend either.