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Google expands services for Google Apps users

Google expands services for Google Apps users

Users of Google Apps You are in luck because from now on you will be able to access all the services available to all users with normal Google accounts. Until now, users of Google Apps could use the most basic services, such as Gmail email, Google Docs or Google Sites. As of today, all the services that Google has will be available so that they can use them under their domain, among them is Picasa, Blogger, Analitycs, Maps, Reader or YouTube among others.

For users who sign up for Google Apps starting today, all these services will be available, while users who already have their domain registered with this service will be enabled over the next few weeks. Even though there is the possibility to request activation manually, it is only necessary to enter the domain administration panel and request it, indicating the services that we want to have available. Activation will lead to a wait of about 24 hours.

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As a user of Google Apps under different domains seems to me to be great news, which comes to give greater value to those who have their domains paying for this service or not, since we remember that we have a free version available. However, it should be noted that all new services are not covered by the SLA they offer.

With this news also comes a small modification in all the packages that Google is offering in Apps, being as follows: