Google brings Anne Frank's childhood home to Street View

A Google Virtual Exhibition through Street View in Anne Frank's childhood home.

THE June 12 was the Anne Frank's 90th birthday, the young girl who, unfortunately, was deported by the ***** to an extermination camp. We all remember Anne for hers diary, which went down in history as an atrocious testimony to the inhumanity of bloody ideology. Google, to celebrate its 90th anniversary, has decided to bring the girl's childhood home on the largest online exhibition platform: Google Art and Culture.

With the app we can go inside Merwedeplein 37-2 in Amsterdam, Anne's childhood home. We can explore space through vision with Street View technology. They are visible all bedrooms and it is possible to notice that the furniture of the house from the 1930s has remained unchanged.

Additionally, Google has partnered with the Anne Frank House non-profit projectincluding the only video known by Frank which we report below.

The virtual exhibition also brings together the only photo of his parents and sister, it also includes documents and details about the legacy and publication of his famous diary.

Google shows us, once again, how even with technology, culture and history are becoming accessible to everyone, recounting the past to foster a prosperous future.

According to Viacom, Google bought YouTube to make money from copyright infringement

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