Google bans its employees from using Windows

As we know, Google is a rather atypical company in many ways if we compare it to others, for example, what has always been talked about the most is the high degree of freedom that its employees have. Well, now that freedom has just been restricted (a little) since Google employees, even if they want to, won't be able to use Windows on their laptops or desktops.

And so? Well, as several Google employees told residents of Financial Times The measure comes for pure security reasons. You will all remember that a few months ago Google suffered a major security crisis which ultimately resulted in a serious conflict between the company and the Chinese government, and that is what Google wants to avoid and that is why now company employees will be able to choose between Mac OS and Linux, but Windows is excluded to be more susceptible to security issues/attacks (Windows 7 is quite secure, but being the market-dominating operating system, it is the number one target for bad guys).

Google declined to make any statement on this new information provided by its own employees, who also stated that many of the company's employees, after the attacks they suffered from China, they started migrating to Mac OS without anyone telling them anythingand that from now on anyone wanting to work with Windows will first have to obtain “high level” authorization.

Paranoia of collective security? Google's intentional blow to Microsoft and its flagship product? Well, I honestly don't think one thing or the other. This move makes a lot of sense to avoid security issues, something big companies always worry about (or should), and I doubt the leaks were intentional. In any case, we know if this can affect Windows since other companies can follow what is marked by Google. I would also like to see what Google does when its operating system arrives, will it force employees to upgrade to the OS en masse or will it continue to allow them to work with Mac OS, Linux or Chrome OS interchangeably?

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