Google apologizes for stealing data from WiFi networks

It all started in Germany, when the government of that country became concerned about the images that Google was obtaining for Google Street View. The German government considers that this service violates citizens' rights to privacy and image and therefore the German Minister for Consumer Protection, Ilse Aignerwarned that they are studying legal measures and possible changes in legislation.

Although German citizens have not complained, at least formally, the government's position is quite clear and does not go so far as to allow a lack of privacy and even emphasizes that no secret service would have hunted the images from so decisively.

Citizens would not have to protest the publication of their private data, but Google would have to obtain their permission to publish photographs of their homes. The complete photo reportage is nothing more than a large-scale intrusion into the private sphere.

These are the comments of the Minister of Consumer Protection and it is that Google has forgotten that you should not be mean on this occasion. Mountain View admitted to obtaining sensitive data from users' wireless networks, for which it publicly apologized.

Google Street View cars, which roamed the streets of many cities, collected information indiscriminately from open WiFi networks, among the data they recorded included SSID open networks, as well as MAC addresses of wireless devices.

From Google they claim that this data was accidentally saved due to a big error in the system, which they have already corrected. They also assure that they will contact all regulators of the countries concerned to reach an agreement on how to get rid of all the data they have obtained.

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Without a doubt, this is a big blunder by Google, which we will see if it goes unpunished. They realized this and that's why they are correcting it as quickly as they can. Honestly, I wonder if this was really a mistake or if it was really something they planned, ie: while their cars are driving down the streets taking images for Google Street View , they also make a map of open wireless networks, which they could have used for a future service, similar to the map they have of Mountain View with wireless networks. If true, it might have been a very useful service, but it would have been better to announce it, inform that their cars would do such data collection and avoid problems.

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