Google adds the ability to use its browser with SSL encryption

Users are increasingly concerned about the security and privacy of the data we send and receive daily, which is why Google wants to strengthen its commitment in this regard and begins to offer the possibility of using SSL encryption in your browser.

To test the Google search engine with SSL encryption, simply put, but be careful that in some cases when trying to access it redirects us to the normal version of the search engine, we will surely have to wait until this option is activated for everyone.

This option has been available for some time in other Google services such as Gmail, which started having it as an option and is now used by default. At the moment, SSL encryption is not enabled by default in the browser because it requires a longer loading time since it must encrypt the data before sending it, in addition to not showing certain results, such as searching for images or maps.

Some users who have already tried the search engine with this new option say they do not notice too much difference in the search results, but we already know that Google always wants to offer the content of its pages as quickly as possible, especially in search engine, which with SSL encryption is currently in beta phase and, as we can see in the image above, it adds an encryption badge so that the user can clearly distinguish which version of the browser they are in a given moment.

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