Goodnight Circus, free for a limited time

Once again we are talking about an application for the little ones in the house, an application that will help the little ones sleep. A little over a week ago, another application from this developer Goodnight, and whose function is very similar if not practically the same as this one, was also available for free download. Goodnight Circus, unlike the previous one, takes place in a circus, in all the animals that can be found in a circus, animals to which you have to go say goodnight. Good evening Circus, it has a usual price in the App Store of 2.99 eurosbut for a limited time we can download it for free through the link that I leave at the end of the article.

But it also offers us an in-app purchase to increase the number of animals to say good night to, but with those that the application brings natively it is more than enough in most cases where our child is on about to fall asleep. In Good Night Circus, the little ones will have to visit all the animals, animals that will teach you a few tricks before going to bed. If our son is one of those who likes to sleep on the couch, no problem, because this application is also available for Apple TV.

This application is available in 16 languages, so it is also a good way for the little ones to start getting acquainted with new languages ​​to learn new vocabulary every day through the fantastic illusions and animations of the animals before falling asleep . The animals found in the application without having to use the in-app purchase available are: Lion, Elephant, Seal, Flea, Rabbit, Snake, Owl, Monkey, Fish, Pig and Bear

NoLocation, free for a limited time

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