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Goodbye ‘Bisteccone’ Galeazzi


Goodbye ‘Bisteccone’ Galeazzi

Giampiero died SteakGaleazzi, Olympic rowing athlete and unsurpassed sports reporter and conductor. After a tough battle with diabetes, he leaves us at 75. But his enthusiasm for him, with which he inflamed us as a sportsman but above all with his own commentaries full of passionremains unforgettable.

Giampiero ‘Bisteccone’ Galeazzi died

Born in Rome on May 18, 1946, Galeazzi demonstrated his sporting power from a young age as well as the intelligence that made him a great sports reporter and more. Graduated in Economics, he worked for a few months in FIAT in Turin. But the water attracts him more: he becomes a professional in rowing, taking advantage of the physique from 1.92 meters high and its inexhaustible energy. Wins the Italian championship in single in 1967 and in the double with Giuliano Spingardi in 1968. That same year, he arrives to compete in the Olympics in Mexico City.

But when it was still in business, Gilberto Evangelisti (which also gives him the nickname of ‘Bisteccone’ for its large size) wants it as sports journalist in RAI. Such an explosive combination of energy and intelligence is difficult to find. Comment on the subsequent Olympics in Munich on the radio.

In a short time it arrives on Sports Sunday ecura the Wednesday Sports. In addition to football, he comments on various disciplines, from fencing to tennis. But it is in rowing that he becomes an Italian TV legend. Comment on the Olympics for six consecutive editionsuntil Athens in 2004. But he will continue to be an envoy for 90th Minute, World Nights and European Nights. Even helps Pippo Baudo a Sanremo in 1996.

His most unforgettable commentary, however, remains that of Seoul in 1988when i Abbagnale brothers they win a historic gold medal. Steak almost ends more tired than the two brothers, prompting each row with his energetic commentary. With an inimitable enthusiasm (although many have tried to imitate this iconic commentary). Below you can enjoy it again.

An icon of Italian sport and journalism

Whoever did it sports enthusiast, in the last fifty years, he has at least once heard the passionate voice of Galeazzi. Speaking of his favorite team, Lazio, or talking about a thousand other sporting events. Which she had the ability to make us fall in love with, even if we didn’t know them well (as often happens at the Olympics). But Galeazzi didn’t just talk about sport: his work as RAI correspondent was memorable at the meeting between Michail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan in Reykjavík.

At the news of his death, many colleagues and friends praised him. But the most tender memory of all for his simplicity is perhaps that of Mara Venier, who often relied on the sporting acumen of his ‘Bisteccone’ while leading. On Instagram, the presenter wrote: “My big steak. He goes away an important piece of my life “.

His voice and his enthusiasm have marked many pages in the life of many sports fans, and not only. Goodbye, ‘Big Steak’.