Going on a trip: 6 reasons to choose a campervan vacation


  • 1) Rediscover the true meaning of freedom
  • 2) Learn to share and know each other better
  • 3) Learn to organize space
  • 4) Stay away from technology
  • 5) Spend less
  • 6) Leave at the last moment

More and more people decide to try an experience aboard “itinerant” houses full of personality and on the road. To try to convince the most undecided and increase the desire to leave among those who have already embraced this way of traveling, the camper van platform, Yescapahe collected 6 good reasons to choose life in a van. All that remains is to decide on the destination and get started.

1) Rediscover the true meaning of freedom

Traveling in a campervan or van means traveling independently and with everything you need always at hand. A perfect trip for all ageswhich allows you to make unplanned detours or stops and unplug the e seek some peace, for example in the middle of nature: there are no noisy neighbors, you can enjoy a starry sky, you can relax as, how much and when you want, just press the brake and turn off engine. Above all, campervan trips allow you to sleep in a different place every night and, therefore, enjoy a different panorama every morning. A great added value that no other accommodation is able to provide.

2) Learn to share and know each other better

Traveling in a campervan and experiencing camping life involves living in close contact with other people most of the time. Living in a confined space and in company allows you to give a new meaning to respect, sharing and the importance of mutual aid. It's important to choose carefully who to go with and prepare to discover facets of our traveling companions' character that we might otherwise never notice (for better or for worse). At the same time, you also get to know yourself better, to understand what your limits or strengths are. Experiences such as campervan trips indeed promote personal growth, because they teach one to be completely self-reliant.

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3) Learn to organize space

The almost complete absence of the comforts we are normally accustomed to on vacation can help reevaluate our priority ranking and open our eyes to an important aspect: not everything we pack is always necessary. Traveling in a motorhome, respecting minimalism, can help reduce the number of objects around us, leaving more space for things that are really necessary or for other travelers. It's incredible how many objects we surround ourselves with that turn out to be superfluous!

4) Stay away from technology

It is true that a holiday in a campervan or van is not synonymous with technological isolation, but it certainly promotes it, especially if you are traveling to semi-isolated areas in which, in other circumstances, we would probably use the hotel Wi-Fi or our accommodation. . Additionally, while it is true that technologies are often used to track roads and paths, it is also true that the freedom that travel in a motorhome provides and the attention that we must (or want) to devote to the landscape around us reduce downtimeencouraging us to look out the window instead of pointing our eyes at a screen.

5) Spend less

Traveling by camper van significantly reduces costs, despite gas and vehicle maintenance (which can however be written off if the motorhome is shared with Yescapa during periods of non-use). Meals can be taken in complete peace and autonomy without risking tourist traps and expensive menus, while the bed is always available and its price does not depend on high or low season. With a little attention, expenses are significantly reduced and every penny saved can be used for the next trip.

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6) Leave at the last moment

How many times have you wanted to leave at the last minute, but there were no more seats available on the plane, train or hotel? Traveling in a motorhome these problems do not exist. The house on wheels is always ready to welcome you, even if you decide to go on an adventure the same day. To experience the trip without too many plans.

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