Gmail lets you attach files just by dragging them

Attaching files to emails is one of the most normal tasks in the world and one that we have been doing for years in the same way: click the attach button, a navigation window appears on our hard drive and we are ready to choose the file.

But Googlealways trying to make life easier for its users, this feature has been changed and now you can attach files to your emails just by dragging them.

When you place what you want to send into the window that contains your email, a large message will appear in a green box that says « Drop files here. » The only thing we will have to do is take them to this box, release the mouse and that's it.

It's a new and very simple feature, but it adds truly improved functionality to the service that already outperforms all of its competitors in virtually every way (speed, extensions, capacity, etc.).

For now, it is only available in fully functional form on Firefox 3.6 because he has the engine gecko who is the only one who fully supports the HTML5, which depends on the technology on which this feature works. But if they use Safari and Chrome They will also be able to drag their files into emails although this will not work perfectly. Obviously Google has assured that they won't be long to adapt it to all browsers.

But it doesn't stop there. It also began to allow send invitations from Google Calendar directly from mail. Now by clicking on the link Invitation you will be able to create the event and insert it into the email in question.

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