GlobbTV, online platform with content for professionals

it's been running since yesterday GlobbTV, a new television platform from the Spanish capital that is aimed at professionals, broadcasting content on technology, medicine or security, among others. The goal they set for themselves is not too easy to say, they want to reach one million registered users and up to 10,000 users per day after the first year of issuance.

The initial investment that this project had reached 500,000 euros and it is estimated that in the first year it could reach up to two million euros. The project is based in Zaragoza and plans to create up to 150 jobs in the first few months. It has two studios for recording programs, one in Madrid and the other in the Aragonese capital.

GlobbTV broadcast is in testing phase and plans to launch channels on different topics such as information technology, entertainment, security, engineering and industry, R+D+i, science and medicine or the environment.

An important part of this project will be occupied by training, since they will offer courses that will also allow exams to obtain different certificates. It will also be based on job creation, offer businesses dedicated spaces to find professionals. In addition to organizing competitions for entrepreneurs looking for financing for their projects.

Undoubtedly interesting proposals for the entire sector, this can already help generate jobs in times as difficult as the one in which we find ourselves. It deserves trust and support because it is an entirely Spanish project, initiatives of this type that we do not usually see too much in our country, unfortunately.

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