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Gigabier, Elon Musk’s beer

Gigabier, Elon Musk’s beer

Another novelty announced by Elon Musk. These days, in fact, the South African entrepreneur presented the developments of the Gigafactory, the European factory that will be entrusted with the production of Tesla. And, on this particular occasion, he also presented the new one Gigabier, the beer linked to the initiative. Produced in Germany, Musk’s new drink will arrive on the market in a bottle that incorporates the design of the Cybertruck, a futuristic pickup that they will start building starting in 2022.

Gigabier, the new (extravagant) project by Elon Musk

During one of his presentations in Berlin, Elon Musk did not just present the new Gigafactory project, but expanded the speech to Gigabier. What is it about? A beer brewed by the entrepreneur to support the employees of the German factory. Beyond this, Musk presented a number of other initiatives designed to make workers’ lives easier, such as an internal travel system. This will make it easier for employees to reach the plant just outside Berlin.

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In addition, according to reports from Musk himself, Tesla will decorate the walls of the factories “to make them less boring through murals”. In short, everything enough to make his employees happy. But this also makes us reflect on the entrepreneur’s interest in the food & beverage sector. Already last November Musk had launched the Tesla Tequila, which had amazed more for the design of the package than for anything else. The bottle was in fact a hand-blown glass lightning bolt, which met with considerable success among Tesla enthusiasts. And now it’s up to Gigabier, which may never leave the German market, but which still leaves us curious to try it.