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Ghostwire: Tokyo and DEATHLOOP: new trailers at the PlayStation event

Ghostwire: Tokyo and DEATHLOOP: new trailers at the PlayStation event

During the PlayStation Showcase from Sony, Tango Gamenetworks and Bethesda gave a thrilling preview of Ghostwire: Tokyo And Deathloopthrough two brand new and suggestive trailer. We report them below.

The new trailers for Ghostwire: Tokyo and Deathloop

Hannya sparked a catastrophic fog over Tokyo which wiped out most of the population. In the aftermath of the incident he is driving the Faceless, a dangerous group of fanatical followers bent to his will. Where smiling citizens once walked, there is now an army of one-of-a-kind creatures: i Visitors.

Inspired by legends, tradition and the Japanese tales, Visitors are awesome and fantastic enemies lurking all over Tokyo. Many characters are drawn from famous dark stories such as “Kuchisake-onna” and are perfectly in line with Tango’s desire to honor Tokyo through authentic and never-before-seen game world.

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Waking up at the famous Shibuya intersection, Akito finds himself partially owned by one strange spirit and surrounded by the dangerous creatures that have invaded Tokyo. Desperate to ensure his sister’s safety, Akito must ally with the spirit And must handle powerful skills to be able to make your way through the dangerous streets of Tokyo.

Thanks to the features and functionality of PlayStation 5, Tokyo comes alive vividly thanks to the console’s amazing ray-tracing technology. The title also features faster load times to keep players immersed and tactile controls that allow players to tangibly feel their actions as they traverse Tokyo’s streets and rooftops.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo will be available worldwide for PlayStation 5 and PC in the spring 2022.

A look at Deathloop

Bethesda Softworks has unveiled a new trailer that delves into the story of DEATHLOOP, Arkane Lyon’s highly anticipated first person shooter. DEATHLOOP will be available from September 14, 2021 exclusively for consoles on PlayStation 5 and also on PC.

Coltour forgetful protagonist, is trying to escape the clutches of the AEON Program and the island of Blackreef. It’s up to the player to unravel the mysteries of Colt’s predicament and make sure his rival Julianna doesn’t plant a few bullets in his body before he can. For more information, please visit the Bethesda website.