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Last Wednesday Getyoo opened its doors to the general public after a trial period. Getyoo allows, through integration with external devices, clickeys, and using protocols NFCexchange information quickly and easily. The immediate applications it has are to act as a « business card 2.0 », that is, you upload your contact information: photo, email account, Twitter, Tumblr, Skype, Facebookthe telephone number, the address of your blog… and by pressing the blue button in the center you transfer it to an adjacent clickey and upload the information from the other to yours.

The first time I heard Getyooalthough the idea seemed very good to me, I initially welcomed it with suspicion, especially after the disappointment of Pokemon, which although they had a similar operation did not leave a very good taste in my mouth. However, after playing with a clicker, I came to the conclusion that what is really important is not the device itself, but the technology behind it.

Besides contact information and showing all the 2.0 services you use (this allows you to transfer virtually anything, from some well-known ones such as to others like doppler Or virb) also allows you to download promotional tickets, discount vouchers, music or video files and even, even if it is not implemented, you can easily pay, for example, for a cinema ticket.

To integrate Getyoo integrated into a mobile phone allows, in addition to this primary and obvious function of exchanging personal data, to carry out a series of tasks hitherto carried out in a collateral and less efficient manner. It is much more tedious to save a business card, transfer a file to a USB stick, by mail, give a coupon « physically » or swipe a credit card than to do everything from a single device and with just one button.

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Although I personally don't see much future for clickey as an external device, Getyoo as an idea and as a technology, this seems like a tremendous step forward to me. Among the first uses that come to mind are making small amounts, like the one I commented on a cinema ticket, or paying the parking meter, giving all your medical history when you go to the hospital or storing emergency information in case you have something. arrivedwhat do you think?

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