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Get free items in Animal Crossing New Horizons


Get free items in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons: if you are one of the users subscribed to Nintendo Switch Onlineknow that you can get “free” items for your island, in the face of Tom Nook, Mirco and Marco.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Free Items

Nintendo offers some special freebies to the players of New Horizons. Those who have previously played the mobile spin-off of the series, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, will be able to enjoy some small bonuses.

Basic requirement: the Nintendo account linked to both titles, on mobile and on Nintendo Switch, must be the same. At this point, go to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and follow these small steps:

Now quietly start your title on Switch. Once you enter the town hall, go to the Stellomat: thanks to it you can easily access a series of unpublished articles, which can be ordered in exchange for stars. They will be sent to your home the day after the order is placed, and you will still have to pay a small amount of money for them.

Free carpet!

For members registered in Nintendo Switch Onlineinstead, an elegant and precious prize: a beautiful elaborate velvet carpet. To claim the gift, log into Nintendo eShop with your account, then go to the Nintendo Switch Online section. Among the free content available for download you will also find the new silk carpet from Nook Inc. listed in special offers. Once the item is downloaded, it will become available for purchase with 600 Nook miles.

Well here, we know the truth about Animal Crossing after all. Nothing is ever really free. But the idea of ​​paying for it in miles instead of stars makes it feel more like a reward for strawberry points.