Get a Mac: One of the actors speaks years later

Years after the release of the famous advertising campaign “Get a Mac», expresses one of the protagonists and reveals a certain background.

Get a Mac

Apple's old ad campaign that emphasized confrontation  » I'm a Mac / I'm a PCAnd star actors Justin Long and John Hodgman helped build the bitten apple's reputation as a « hot commodity. » In fact, Long showed how « cool» Own one, while PC boy Hodgman played the role of « loser » (despite access to a greater quantity and quality of PC games).

Recently appeared in a video on Popular Couch SurfingLong shared with the audience information about the recording of these commercials, revealing that there were hundreds of little disagreements between the Mac boy and the PC boy, which we will unfortunately never see.

He also says he almost filmed 300 advertisementsbut only 66 of them managed to be broadcast. After a while he realized that some of the funniest ones would never see the light on TV/web. Apparently the reason behind this choice was Steve Jobs. In fact, he eliminated those that for him were “super fun” because they would have caused the opposite effect of what they had intended with this type of advertising, shifting the focus from the real objective.

What they wanted to achieve was, in fact, sell Apple products don't just entertain with comical advertising (unfortunately). If Apple had really been as “cool” as it wanted us to believe, it would not have worried about this purely economic aspect, after all it was already recorded, we might as well share it with us and get a few more smiles.

I leave you with a 40-minute video that summarizes the best of the “Get a Mac” campaign

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