Germany will not sign any international treaty that plans to cut off the Internet for users

This same Monday, I echoed here the opinions of Pierre HustinxEuropean Data Protection Supervisor (SEPD), regarding the various legislations which for some time have been in the process of being approved or will be approved in several countries of the European Union to fight against piracy and in particular against illegal downloads via Internet.

These opinions are a blow to all those who advocate subjecting the Internet to strict control, since with them the highest European authority in matters of data protection has clearly indicated that it considers laws like the French or ACTA to be totally disproportionate and possibly illegal. Well, now it's Germany that has just dealt a new blow to this type of coercive legislation, and in particular to the ACTA negotiationsthrough his Minister of Justice, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenbergerwho declared that:

German government will not accept any international treaty to block Internet access

With these new declarations pressure on ACTA negotiations in Europe continues to mountwhich began when several already negotiated texts were leaked which reveal that ACTA could consider cutting off the Internet to users who infringe copyright, among many other varied barbarities.

Let's hope that all these positions will come to nothing and that when the moment of truth comes, which will come sooner rather than later, the SEPD and Germany will maintain them, which would also help other countries to unite against this thing barbarian called ACTA that they want to put us bent and without vaseline.

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