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George Hotz, aka Geohot, has joined Google’s dream team of hackers

George Hotz, aka Geohot, has joined Google’s dream team of hackers

There is no person better known in the world of iPhone hacking than George Hotz, with only 17 years old, Hotz, or better known as Geohot became el first hacker who was able to do a unlock yet iPhone original back in 2007.

A unlock In mobile phone terminology it refers to release a phone from operator lock, and he was the first to do so in iPhone to release it from the lock with which it was distributed AT&T. This first Original iPhone that was unlocked changed for a Nissan 350z.

As your liberation work it would not be complete as long as an Apple lock existed in the terminal, too created various exploits for bugs that he discovered on the iPhone that allowed him create various jailbreak tools, among which is the famous bug of BootROM that exploits limera1n, and that the firmware of the Original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 is present, allowing Apple devices to continue to be jailbroken today, even with iOS 7.1.

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It ended in a legal battle with Sony after the hacking ps3, but thanks to the support of the users, it was resolved with an agreement of “no more hacking or you will pay me $ 10,000”. Now Hotz, 24 years old and already a university student, you have been recruited to join an elite team of hackers specialized in Google security.

This elite team of hackers called Project Zero has as mission «to make the internet a safe place«. Hotz won this position after winning $ 150,000 last March in Pwnium, the hacking contest that takes place every year within the CanSecWest Security Conference, and that this year was about break down Chome OS defenses.

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Two months after winning this award, Hotz was approached by Chris Evans, a Google security engineer, to join Project Zero along with Ben Hawkes, Tavis Ormandy, and the British Ian Beer who was incorporated at the last minute after finding six bugs in iOS, OS X and Safari.

Project Zero will use bug-hunting tools which include from automated applications that throw random data at targets for hours to find the files causing the crashes as well as the old intuition hacker. The small team is still looking to hire new members and their plans are complete ten hackers working on his Project Zero in Mountain View, Google’s headquarters.

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