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Genshin Impact: how to get Xiangling without resorting to Gachapon

Genshin Impact: how to get Xiangling without resorting to Gachapon

We give you all the keys so that you can get Xiangling in Genshin Impact, a four-star character focused on fire that can be yours without the need to invoke any wishes.

There are many characters that we can get thanks to the wishes in Genshin Impact, but it is clear that you will have to invest some money if you want to obtain those four and five star characters to make our team much more powerful.

And it is that although we have a series of free characters accessible, they are not usually excessively powerful, and a title of these characteristics will require the player a certain economic investment if what he wants is to get those high-level heroes that are the ones who are going to get out of more than one hurry as we advance through the adventure.

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Luckily we can get Xiangling in Genshin Impact without investing money, although you will have to advance a lot in the adventure to be able to access the unlocking of this interesting character.

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Genshin Impact: how to get Xiangling without resorting to Gachapon

Through the wish system we can get a series of high-level characters like Xiangling herself, but curiously it is also possible to obtain it thanks to a particular dungeon although for this you will have to advance a lot in the game.

While Xiangling will first appear in a kitchen side quest, a bit later is when we can actually unlock her for the team for free. So to get this fire-focused four-star character you must reach Adventure Rank 20 first.

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And it is that we need to reach level 20 of the adventure range so that the Spiral of the Abyss is unlocked, a place that you find on the southeast edge of Mondstadt on the other side of the water, and that we will be able to access through a hole in the edge of Cabo del Juramento.

This domain differs from the others in that it is divided into different chambers and floors. Each of the floors is divided into three chambers and each one has a unique challenge with increasing difficulty, such as defending the objective or overcoming different timed battles.

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To advance to the next floor we will need six stars on the previous floor, which are achievements that we will obtain based on the conditions that we have met in the previous challenges.

So that you do not have much difficulty, it is recommended that your characters are above level 50, and as soon as we have completed chamber 3 on floor 3, we will be rewarded with Xiangling totally free.

MiHoYo will likely offer more 4-5 star characters for free by clearing a series of dungeons or quests throughout the game to keep the community hooked, and at least you already know how to get Xiangling herself.

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