Geek Dad, the project and activity book for geek dads and their children

The book goes on sale tomorrow. connoisseur dad by Ken Denmead, a great collection of geeky projects and activities that parents and kids can share at home. The world and entertainment have changed so quickly, from a technological point of view, that it is very strange to see a child sharing the home monitor with one of his parents.

every time I see Google Earth I remember the great encyclopedias my father showed me, showing me the countries and capitals of the world. It was an activity that we always shared, and to which I owe part of my passion for travel and geography. Well, every now and then when I look at an atlas or play a little with Google Earth, I imagine what it would be like to be a kid and have your dad show you the world that way.

connoisseur dad It started as a blog within Wired magazine with Chris Anderson as editor, then the blog was maintained by civil engineer Ken Denmead. On the blog, you'll find everything from science projects to kids' video game reviews. The success of the blog is such that it is now flowing into the physical world in the form of a book, which will delight parents and children. Some blog projects are presented on its pages as well as a large number of new activities which aim to awaken in young people the desire to build, investigate and understand.

By: Wired

Codename: Project L. The new League of Legends fighting game

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