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Gamescom Asia 2021: what it is and what to expect

Gamescom Asia 2021: what it is and what to expect

Finally, after two years of blocking, the events in the world of face-to-face gaming are starting to return and, in these days, two of them are taking place in Singapore. On the one hand we have the event Gaming Mattersa B2B opportunity aimed at finding connection between the world of video games and other cultural media, on the other hand there is instead Gamescom Asia 2021the first Asian version of the gaming fair: let’s see what we can expect.

Gaming Matters

The place where these two events are currently taking place is the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Center, an interesting choice, if we consider that these are two fairs disconnected from each other and born with quite different intentions. Let’s start with the Gaming Matters event, which took place from 14 to 15 October.

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This event was created to focus on industries that do not deal purely with gaming, and how the latter can adopt playful elements to enrich their products. Among the special guests stand out Riot Games and Epic Games, which have provided a series of very interesting interventions for companies and much less for the general public, precisely because of the very nature of this occasion.

In short, one we are faced with a kind of business meeting among the Asian giants of the sector, an opportunity that undoubtedly has its value, but which pigeonholed into the scenario of the first Asian version of Gamescom raises the eyebrow a little, given that this event has little to do with fans of the medium.

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Gamescom Asia 2021: what to expect?

Gamescom Asia 2021, which starts on October 15th and ends on 17th, on the other hand, it is a much more traditional event that is configured as a hybrid fair between the digital world and in the presence. In the area of ​​the fair dedicated to entertainment there will be new ones dedicated to video games coming from Asian software houses, which promise to have a good plethora of indies to peep out.

However, it is difficult to expect announcements related to triple A gamesgiven that the most prominent title confirmed at the event is Just Dance 2022. To spice things up a bit, a Counter-Strike Global Offensive tournament will also take place and the Asian Game Award winning video games will be awarded.

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– gamescom asia 🔥 14-17 Oct (@gamescomasia) October 8, 2021

Games will also find space within the fair mobilewith the intervention of experts in the sector should talk about the future developments of this industry parallel to that of traditional gaming, and a panel by Square Enix concerning the development and evolution of role playing over the years.

We feel quite confident at this point in discouraging those who watched this edition of Gamescom in the hope of receiving news regarding the highly anticipated video games in development at Asian studios such as Elden Ring. Gamescom Asia 2021 seems to be a much more modest event, which is understandable if we consider that it is in its first edition.

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In any case, if you want to follow the fair, we recommend that you take a look at the official YouTube channel.