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G-Shock puts Dragon Ball Z and One Piece on your wrist

G-Shock puts Dragon Ball Z and One Piece on your wrist

G-Shock announces two unique and ultra-resistant watchesborn from the collaboration with two of the best known and most loved Japanese anime ever: Dragon Ball and One PiecAnd.

G-Shock: here are the ultra-resistant watches of Dragon Ball Z and One Piece

Both models are “tough”: large 55 mm diagonal (even if they weigh only 72 grams), resistant to shocks and water up to 20 atmospheres. But they are dedicated to two different tough guys.

The model dedicated to Dragon Ball Z it’s called GA-110JDB, it has bold design and colors. Black and orange, filled with Dragon Ball graphics, is a monument to the willpower with which Goku overcomes every confrontation. Gold accents embellish this Saiyan and the sub dial at 9 o’clock recalls the four-star sphere, that we met already in the first episode of the first series of Dragon Ball. The Dragon Ball Z logo is engraved on the caseback and on the special pack. A watch for all collectors of Dragon Ball products but also a very resistant G-Shock product.

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The clock dedicated to ONE PIECE starts on the same “base”, the GA-110 model from the bold case. On the black background you can see the pirate deeds of Monkey D. Luffy (don’t call him Rubber!). At 9 o’clock, in the sub dial, is the straw hat that Shanks the Red gave to Luffy. At 3 o’clock we find the word “WANTED“. But the master stroke is that when the hour and minute hands point to 2 and 4 respectively, they combine to form a gold “X”. A wrist “Jolly Roger”. All boarding!

Watches for true fans

The attention to detail makes this collaboration between G-Shock on the one hand and Dragon Ball and One Piece on the other truly unique. Fans of the two hugely popular manga and anime series will appreciate the love for Goku and Luffy that G-Shock has shown.