Future iPhone's touch response could vibrate in multiple directions

When Apple introduced its Apple Watch in September 2014, it introduced several new technologies. The two most important were the digital crown and a screen touch by force which, in addition to detecting two different pressure levels, provided a physical response in the form of vibration. This physical response has been given the name Taptic Feedback or touch response and it is only capable of vibrating in one direction, but that could change if Apple uses what is described in a new patent.

The new patent appeared yesterday and, under the title « Haptic modules with independently controllable horizontal and vertical mass movements », describes a solution capable of producing vibrations in different directions depending on whether we hold a device horizontally or vertically, among others.

Multi-axis Taptic motor to provide taptic response in multiple directions

Apple's idea proposes to use two haptic modules instead of just one, each vibrating around its own axis, depending on how the device is held. This system would make it possible to deliver vibrations in a way impossible with the Taptic Engine existing today. The central processor would control both modules.

The patent was applied for in February 2014, so if they decide to make it we might see it on an iOS device or Apple Watch at any time. I don't see the iPhone 7 as likely to use this multi-axis touch engine, because if it did, it would have already been leaked. Although, on the other hand, the Apple Watch also uses a similar watch and nothing was disclosed in advance.

As we always say, the fact that a patent has been filed does not mean that it will appear in a device, but we could be talking about a second generation of the Taptic Engine, so it seems to me that it is only a matter of time before we talk about it in a keynote. Will we see it at the iPhone 2017 presentation?

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