Further proof that the Spanish digital canon is an institutional scam. deletion already

In many countries around the world there is the so-called private copying canon, which is nothing more than a tax scam applied to various recording media, supposedly collected in favor of the authors, artists and producers. In Spain, of course, we also have a digital canon, but in addition to ours, since 2008, it is one of the hardest because it is applied to more products than in other countries (MP3 players or mobile phones for example).

Since the new canon was approved in Spain, users and companies have complained about it and confronted it in court, one of the best known cases of this type being the one carried out by the SGAE (who are responsible for collecting the royalty) and the company PADAIAN (which is engaged in the marketing of various electronic storage devices). In summary, SGAE demanded from PADAWAN the payment of €16,759.25 as compensation for private copying corresponding to the devices marketed by the company between September 2002 and September 2004, to which the latter responded that “oranges of China” and decided to take the case to court.

The case finally ended up in the Barcelona Provincial Court, which, as they were not very clear about things, decided to ask the Court of Justice of the European Union (TEU) whether or not the Spanish digital license complies with European regulations. Well, now the Prosecutor General of the TUE, Verica Trstenjaksaid via a report (its findings are not binding, although courts almost always follow them) that the digital canon applied indiscriminately (come on, as it is done here) is illegalmore specifically, it says that:

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A national system which provides for the application of a private copying levy to all digital reproduction equipment, devices and media in an indiscriminate manner is not compatible with Community regulations

It is We are faced with new proof, this time from the bowels of the European Union, that the digital canon is today in Spain a form of institutional fraud. In other words, every time we buy an MP3, a DVD, a PC or anything, the SGAE, thanks to the executive power (that's why it's institutional) steals from us. They apply legislation contrary to European regulations, and therefore illegal, to collect money against the will of citizens. In my town it's called stealing.

And with all that said, it's time for everyone demand once again the immediate elimination of the Spanish digital canonand personally, I would go further by also demanding from the SGAE and the Spanish State the full restitution to the citizens of what they have already stolen from us in recent years.

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