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From today you can buy a Tesla with Bitcoins. Word of Elon Musk

From today you can buy a Tesla with Bitcoins. Word of Elon Musk

Elon Musk comes out with surprising news: Bitcoins can be used to buy a Tesla. The cryptocurrency will be usable today in the United States to buy an electric car from the Californian company. And later this year, this option will be available in other countries.

And of course, as has already happened after Musk’s other statements in favor of Bitcoin, its value has skyrocketed.

Elon Musk: Tesla cars that can be purchased with Bitcoins

The announcement was made via Twitter on Wednesday, March 24 by the founder and CEO of Tesla. Elon Musk said that with the most famous cryptocurrency in the world it will be possible to buy the electric cars of the company based in Palo Alto.

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In a very dry first tweet Musk wrote only: “You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin” (You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin). To then specify in a second tweet that Tesla uses only internal and open source software to directly manage the nodes in Bitcoin. And that the Bitcoins used to purchase an electric car will remain so. That is, they will not be converted into current currency.

Tesla-Bitcoin: from today in the United States it is possible

In the last few hours, many American users had noticed a change in the Tesla configurator on the official website: the option that allows you to pay through Bitcoins was implemented.

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The surprise lasted a few hours, immediately confirmed by Musk on his Twitter account.

The option is currently only visible to US users. But Elon Musk also made it known that the possibility of paying Tesla cars with Bitcoins will also be possible for other markets by the end of the year.

This alternative form of payment had been loudly demanded by the users themselves. Elon Musk, visionary and a lover of challenges, certainly did not hold back. If anything, he had immediately shown himself more than favorable: to the point that this very recent announcement sounds for many like the keeping of a promise.

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Tesla and bitcoins

Elon Musk’s move is undoubtedly forward-looking. In this way, Tesla could expand its market to all those people who have managed to accumulate a small fortune in Bitcoin over time.

It is worth mentioning that in February of this year the Californian company invested 1.5 billion dollars in Bitcoin, as reported in our article. Already as a seal of that operation, Elon Musk had declared that in the near future it would be possible to use cryptocurrency to buy Tesla electric cars. And today that moment, at least for US Bitcoin holders, has arrived.

The love story between Musk and Bitcoin

This news seals the Tesla patron’s falling in love with the most famous cryptocurrency. Which has always benefited from sudden increases in value after each benevolent statement by Musk, who did not hesitate to define Bitcoin “the people’s currency”. And on several occasions he has been critical of traditional currencies, often with very explicit statements: “They give negative interest, only a fool would not look elsewhere”.

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Musk’s tweets on Wednesday 24 March received more than 120,000 likes in just a few hours, and Bitcoin flew over $ 56,500.


The cryptocurrency will also be extremely fluctuating by its very nature. But every time it is mentioned favorably by Elon Musk, its value soars in a few moments.

It happened for example last January 28th, when Tesla’s CEO used the hashtag #bitcoin on his Twitter profile. Well: in a few hours the price of the cryptocurrency had risen by 15%.

If Musk’s cryptic message on January 28 was not yet clear support for cryptocurrency, the real endorsement did not take longer than a few hours.

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In fact, with his innate ability to smell the new, On Monday, February 1, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX made an appearance on Clubhouse, the social audio of the moment. There, invited to the Good Time room, he immediately reached the maximum audience (5000 people). And, after touching on a variety of topics, he said about Bitcoin: “That’s a good thing.” A few words, followed by an admission of guilt: “I was late to the party” and regret for not having bought Bitcoin eight years ago. A short intervention, but more than enough to push cryptocurrency to record levels.

The rest is very recent history.