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From Benjamin Franklin to Nikola Tesla: the seven scientists who revolutionized the world of energy

From Benjamin Franklin to Nikola Tesla: the seven scientists who revolutionized the world of energy

The world would not be the same without light. From that of the sun to that produced by electricity, light is an integral part of everyone’s life. To celebrate it, UNESCO has established theInternational Day of Lightthe International Day of Light which is celebrated on May 16. And for the occasion Selectra celebrates i 7 scientists that have revolutionized the world of electricity.

International Day of Light, Selectra celebrates the 7 scientists who revolutionized the world of electricity

The International Day of Light is an initiative for raise awareness and raise global awareness of the importance of light science and technology in all sectors. From medicine to communication through energy, healthcare and climate action.

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On the occasion of the Light Day, Selectrathe free service that compares and activates the offers of electricity, gas and internet for companies and individuals, celebrates the 7 scientists that have revolutionized the world of electricity.

“When we turn on the light we don’t think about the history and work behind this technological miracle, yet electricity is among the greatest achievements of science. In addition to light, science has brought comfort to the home, but also the internet, and now it represents the hope of being able to live and move in a sustainable way thanks to energy efficiency and electric mobility “, he comments. Antoine Arel, co-founder of Selectra Italia. “Celebrating these scientists is a way to remind us what has been done and what remains to be done to ensure access to clean energy for all.”

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Benjamin Franklin, the “founding father” of electricity

Benjamin Franklin It is one of Founding Fathers of the United States, but also a man who contributed significantly to the development of modern science. During his life, in fact, Franklin became interested in the study of electrical phenomena, conducting experiments such as the one that led to the birth of the lightning rod. He elaborated the theory of the uniqueness of the electric fluida concept that not only allowed the study of electricity to develop towards concrete practical application, but also laid the foundations for the theories of other scientists such as Volta, Ohm and Faraday.

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International Day of Light: Alessandro Volta, the man who gave the name to the unit of measurement of energy

Born in Como in 1745, Alessandro Volta is one of the most important Italian scientists: discoverer of methane gas, inventor of the battery, ancestor of the battery and able to produce electricity constantly. Added to this are the numerous studies on electricity, such as those that led to the accurate measurement of electrical force. In memory of him, even today the unit of measurement of the electric potential is called “Volt”.

George Ohm, the father of the electrical resistance unit

German physicist and mathematician who lived between the 18th and 19th centuries, George Ohm he was one of the many scholars who exploited Volta’s theories and experiments to take further steps forward in the world of science. In particular, relying on the electrochemical cell of the Italian scientist and placing it alongside his invented equipment, Ohm was able to identify the correlation between electrical voltage, current and resistance. From this study the Ohm’s laws which led to the subsequent analysis of electrical circuits and alternating current by Nikola Tesla. Today it gives its name to the unit of electrical resistance: the Ohm.

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Michael Faraday, the discoverer of electromagnetic induction

Michael Faraday is one of the greatest British scientists of all time and thanks to his tireless research work he laid the foundations for all subsequent studies related toelectromagnetism. Discoverer of electromagnetic induction, as well as multiple physical phenomena related to electricity, and inventor of Faraday cagea system still used today to protect buildings against lightning and to eliminate interference from electromagnetic fields in telecommunications equipment, Faraday also gave the name to the unit of measurement of electrical capacity: the Farad.

James Clerk Maxwell, the one who defined light

James Clerk MaxwellScottish physicist and mathematician who lived in the 19th century, is the father of modernity theory of electromagnetism. He is the one who first defined light as an electromagnetic wave capable of moving even in a vacuum. Thanks to what are now known as “Maxwell’s equations”, the scientist made it possible to combine electrical and magnetic phenomena in a single model.

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International Day of Light: Thomas Edison, enlightened inventor

Going down in history as one of the greatest designers and inventors of all time, with a record number of 1093 patents registered in his name, Thomas Edison he managed to illuminate the world with his own incandescent lamp and with the creation of a system for the generation and distribution of electricity in homes and workplaces. To make the difference compared to many other inventors of his time, his extraordinary entrepreneurial skills, which allowed him to patent his inventions before his colleagues, placing him at the center of the dispute with Nikola Tesla, which went down in history as the “War of the currents” .

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Nikola Tesla, pioneer of electromagnetism

He was the second protagonist of the scientific struggle for control of the global energy market Nikola Tesla, inventor and physicist of Serbo-Croatian origin. Between patents and studies, the scientist is now considered one of the pioneers of electromagnetism and its practical applications. But also the one who laid the foundations for the alternating current electrical system and for the electric motor, two experiments that led to the second industrial revolution. Today Tesla is known not only as a great innovator, but also as a one of the most important electrical engineers ever.