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From A Classic Horror Story to Fear Street: Netflix’s Spooky Summer

From A Classic Horror Story to Fear Street: Netflix’s Spooky Summer

Without sacrificing quality and originality, Netflix is ​​giving us a real thrilling summer, in the most positive sense of the term. In the month of July, there are in fact several horror films on Netflix that are enjoying success among subscribers to the platform. With a hint of national pride, let’s start by quoting A Classic Horror Story, a film by Roberto De Feo And Paolo Strippoli starring Matilda Lutz. Not only an Italian horror of exquisite workmanship and with an international breath, but a real journey into the history of the genre, which among quotes and tributes also manages to criticize the Italian social and cultural context.

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Also not to be missed is the Fear Street trilogy, a trilogy signed by Leigh Janiak and released on Netflix over three weeks. Also in this case, there is a strong quotationist component, directed above all towards cornerstones of the slasher genre such as Scream and Friday 13. The narrative scheme also provides a journey back in time (the three episodes are set respectively in 1994, 1978 and 1666 ), capable of both embracing the more sinister and mysterious nuances of the children’s book series by RL Stineand to make a timely and effective reflection on the problems of adolescents, and in particular of girls.

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From 23 July it also arrives in the catalog of the Blood Red Sky platform, a particular blend of horror and action that transports us to high altitudes, on a scheduled flight that becomes the scene of a clash between terrorists and vampires. The film is directed by Peter Thorwarth and performed by Peri Baumeister, Dominic Purcell And Graham McTavishand has a very good chance of becoming a little cult this summer on Netflix.

Horror movies on Netflix: what to see

In the platform’s boundless catalog, you may have missed some original product released in recent years. Among the horror films on Netflix, we recommend Army of the Dead, a film by Zack Snyder starring Dave Bautista that mixes horror, action, science fiction and comedy in a Las Vegas invaded by zombies. Don’t miss out on Cam either, in which a girl campaign ends up in a whirlwind of horror and physical and virtual violence during her work, such as the mini-saga consisting of The Babysitter and The Babysitter – Killer Queen, in which the fatal Samara Weaving it hides under the guise of a peaceful nanny a demonic personality involved in a Satanist cult.

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Other titles to be recovered are certainly Apostolo, the answer of Gareth Evans to the legendary The Wicker Man, The Perfection, a murky story in which the world of music mixes with the plague of sexual abuse, and Gerald’s Game, an excellent adaptation of the novel of the same name by Stephen King starring a sumptuous Carla Gugino.

In conclusion, we remind you that there are several horror movies on Netflix that are not original projects of the platform. In this regard, there is really spoiled for choice. We can go from great classics like The Exorcist and Don’t Open That Door to more recent cult like Lights Out – Terror in the Dark, Man in the Dark and The Visit. Also present on the platform are some chapters of particularly popular horror sagas, among which we mention The house of 2013, The killer doll of 2019 and The Conjuring – The Enfield case.