French artist transforms old Macs and Apple mice into gardens

I remember a long time ago when a co-worker's tower computer crashed and when asked what he would do with it, he said something like « a flower pot. » In his day it was quite funny, but that's exactly what he did. French artist Christophe Guinet, takes advantage of the external part of certain Apple computer equipment for something very different from what they were created for.

The idea of ​​this French artist from Paris, although jokes were made about it years ago, was to take multiple Macs which have already become classic or vintage, like the iMac G3 and iMac G5, and transform them into pots. But if you think any of us could do the same thing as Guinet, take a look at the following gallery and you'll see how you change your mind.

Macs Garden Gallery by Christophe Guinet, French artist

The old Macintosh Classic, for example, has a small bonsai growing from the top. Soil and roots can be seen through the screen – or indeed, where it was – while a small sample grows on the mouse nearby. Some, like the iMac G3, carefully contain foliage inside their original case. Others, like the iMac G5 and PowerBook, have their new companions that pop off the screen dramatically.

I couldn't agree more with the last sentence. In a way, the effect it appears that the computer produces a three-dimensional image, something that is logically not possible on any AIO or laptop in the world. It's clear that some of the pots the French artist created are better than others, but I have my doubts whether any of them would look good in my living room. In any case, it's a good way to improve the life of these computers.

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