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FREE NOW launches the Taxi Go option

FREE NOW launches the Taxi Go option

The platform FREE NOWEurope’s leader in multi-service mobility, announces the debut of the new travel option Taxi Go. This new option, available to users who use the service a Rome, further enriches the range of offers that FREE NOW makes available to its users. Just indicate the point of departure and arrival to know in advance the maximum fare of the journey.

FREE NOW launches Taxi Go in Rome

With the new service Taxi Goavailable for FREE NOW users of Romeit will be possible know in advance the maximum cost of the ride. Operation is very simple. Just enter the place of departure and the place of arrival of the race to find out the maximum value that the same race can reach.

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Once at the destination, the user will pay the maximum value indicated by Taxi Go even if the taximeter indicates a higher amount. Otherwise, however, the taximeter will indicate the cost of the ride. This new feature represents an important step forward for the service in terms of transparency.

Note that Taxi Go is applicable to “standard” trips and not to fixed fare trips. Furthermore, this service is applicable to direct journeys, without intermediate stops or detours.

The comment of FREE NOW Italy

Andrea Galla, Country Manager of FREE NOW Italy, comments the new service as follows: “We are very proud to inaugurate the Taxi Go revolution in Rome. Transparency, freedom of choice and trust are the key elements to restart the sector and the Taxi Go option goes in this direction. We are convinced that it will be appreciated by all types of users and, in particular, by young people, business users and foreign users of FREE NOW who will soon return to populate the cities of art and seaside destinations in Italy “