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France obscures Wish, 95% of non-compliant products

France obscures Wish, 95% of non-compliant products

Several ministers in France they asked the search engines for obscure Wish, a platform that sells mainly Chinese products, judged to be non-compliant. The items, shipped directly from the manufacturers, would have been found to be unsafe in 95% of cases after an investigation by the consumer agency. However, it used a small sample of 140 products.

France blocks Wish, products would not comply with EU safety regulations

Last year an operation by the direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes (DGCCRF). He bought 140 different products on Wish, almost all imported, to verify their authenticity and compliance with European standards.

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The reported result is alarming. In fact i95% of toys are not compliant to current regulations. Indeed, 45% would even be considered dangerous. As for electronics and technology, Wish is not expected to sell 95% of its products in the European single market, the 90% of these are dangerous. Even costume jewelery is dangerous, in 62% of cases.

However, it should be emphasized that the analyzed sample seems excessively small, with only 140 products analyzed it is complicated to make statistics.

The French Ministry of Economy has also accused of not respecting the internal policy, for which it should remove an article considered dangerous within 48 hours. Instead, “in most cases, those products remain available under a different name, and sometimes even by the seller himself. The company does not keep any records on transactions relating to non-compliant and dangerous products “.

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The French government has notified the problems a Wish in July 2021, giving two months to adjust. Now, however, he has asked to obscure the site in searches and to remove the app from the stores. One ‘shadowban‘: the site and app continue to work but do not appear in searches.

Wish’s answer

E-commerce was quick to respond, announcing an appeal. “Wish has a number of proactive and reactive mechanisms designed for prevent, detect and remove ads that violate the laws or local safety standards “. Additionally, “Wish is actively diversifying its business base by recruiting vendors in a variety of geographies, including Europein order to expand the product selection and further improve the quality of its service “.

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“Wish always respects the removal requests of the DGCCRF and is, therefore, perplexed by the excessively punitive approach to this matter. We have repeatedly tried to engage constructively with the DGCCRF. We are now pursuing a legal remedy to challenge what we consider an illegal and disproportionate action carried out by the DGCCRF ”.

The situation is still under development, we will keep you updated in case of news.