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Four films for Stephen King’s Dance of Death

Four films for Stephen King’s Dance of Death

Once again, the seventh art crosses its paths again with Stephen King, the prolific American horror writer who, this time, has sold Warner Bros the rights to The dance of death (“The Stand”, 1978), his best known and best-selling novel in North America. Taking advantage of this knowledge on the part of the public and the more than 1500 pages that make up the book, the production company has planned the realization of a series of four movies.

An ambitious project for The Dance of Death

The person in charge of making this news known has been Josh boone that, if all goes well, he will be in charge of directing the entire franchise. “I sold them a single three-hour film,” said the director in a talk with Hollywood Babble-On Podcast. “The idea was to compress the book by telling the story in a non-linear way… it was the only way to get everything into the script. Everyone loved it, King loved it, and the budget was set at $ 87 million. Then they came back and told me. ‘Would you adapt the novel into several films?’ And I answered ‘**** yeah’. I love my script, but I think this it’s the only way to get a more faithful version. So I suppose we will do four films, although I cannot say how we are going to do it. “

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At the moment there is no name associated with a project that, in Boone’s words, will foreseeably start the spring of next year. The Warner, yes, would be looking to create an outstanding acting staff and, according to rumors, would have already tested Matthew McConaughey to bring villain Randall Flagg to life.

The story of The Dance of Death places us in a post apocalyptic world where a virus has wiped out most of humanity. The survivors have been divided into two large groups: supporters of Abigail (symbol of goodness) and followers of Randall (representative of evil). We will see how the public reacts to this adaptation that, if successful, could open the doors – once and for all – to the long-awaited heptalogy “The dark tower”.

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