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  7. Fortnite will return to iOS thanks to Nvidia GeForce Now

Fortnite will return to iOS thanks to Nvidia GeForce Now

Fortnite will return to iOS thanks to Nvidia GeForce Now

When we talk about video game streaming platforms, we always talk about Microsoft’s xCloud and Stadia, although neither of them are available on iOS yet, but they will be soon. Moon, Amazon’s streaming game servicewill be coming to iOS before the end of the year just like the Nvidia GeForce Now platform.

According to the BBC, Fortnite will be one of the main titles that we will be able to find on Nvida’s streaming video game platform, so iOS users will be able to enjoy this title again on all Apple devices. GeForce Now, like Luna and the rest of the streaming video game service, will work through Safari.

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Nvidia’s GeForce Now is available for both Windows and macOS, Chrombook, Nvidia Shield and Android for a long time. Due to the limitations of the App Store, it has not released a dedicated application for iOS, so it will take advantage of the work that Amazon has done for Luna.

Fortnite may be Nvidia’s biggest title when it lands on iOS, as it hasn’t been available since last August. Coming through GeForce Now will circumvent Apple’s ban and will allow all users to enjoy the game again through the basic plan, a plan limits sessions to one hour per day, but being Fortnite, it is likely that Epic has reached an agreement so that this title does not have any limitations of time.

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Although Nvida has not yet officially confirmed the launch of its platform for iOS, it is expected to do so before the winter holidays to take advantage of the pull of Christmas sales, one of the most important periods for most technology companies.